Seeds of Recovery

Cucumbers, cantaloupe, basil, sage, mint, tomatoes, pomegranate, flowers and various  succulent plants make up the CHEEERS community garden. Seeds of Recovery is a gardening group that establishes a connection between personal recovery and skills associated with gardening.  Creating enough space to grow, keeping the soil rich with nutrients and the importance of staying hydrated are just some of the conversations  our program participants have as they  maintain the community garden here at CHEEERS.   It’s urprising how many  similarities there are between recovery and gardening!   Participants are encouraged to participate  in the CHEEERS community garden by thinking  creatively about what and where they want to plant,  and how to plant in a way that will create a beautiful garden.  Like gardening , recovery must be purposeful. Our participants tell us the Seeds of Recovery group is a relaxed atmosphere , that allows them to share openly with each other.  Vegetables from the community garden at CHEEERS are used in our Let’s Dish Cooking classes and/ or are made available to the participants if we have abundance !  Darrin Perkins our Facility Lead Support has done a fantastic job with this special program !