A man in a blue CHEEERS Recovery Center shirt sitting across another man with glasses

Peer Support

CHR offers peer to peer recovery support in  one to one and group settings. 100% of our services are peer delivered

Our Peer Support services assist individuals to  overcome barriers in recovery and cope with the stressors and symptoms of mental health and/or substance use disorders. Using our own recovery and experiences we offer hope. Recovery is possible and our team of Peer Recovery Support Specialists that provide the service at CHR are proof.

Click Here to see a sample or our typical program.  

Note: Our program schedule rotates , however the attached link above serves as a standard template for programing as usual. If you would like a current program schedule, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Skills Development

Having skills to manage recovery, communicate with others, resolve conflict, cope with grief and loss, manage emotions, manage basic living challenges such as budgeting or keeping or maintaining housing are all things an individuals needs to do in recovery.  Our goals to help  members develop and practice the skills that will improve their likelihood of living healthy, happy and independently in our community.  Skills programming at CHR occurs every morning. We offer a picklist of services  to choose from.  Click Here to see our Program Schedule


Pre-Employment and Education

Need a GED? Need to learn some job skills? No problem !  CHR's pre-employment services help individuals develop the skills they need to obtain and maintain employment. Learning how to study to obtain a GED, developing time- management skills, interview skills,  learning how to fill out a job application or write a resume', developing  employee etiquette are just some of the topics we cover in our Pre Employment Programming. We have a dedicated Adult Education room fully equipped with computers and resources. Click Here to see our program Schedule . 

Note: Our program schedule rotates, the above link will direct you to the standard program schedule that changes slightly. If you would like a current schedule email [email protected] or [email protected]

Peer Recovery Support Employment Training

CHR offers Arizona State recognized Peer Recovery Support Training to allow individuals to obtain credentials to work as a Recovery Support Specialist. Our trainings are offered a few times a year and involve 60 hours of classroom time as well as a required competency exam. Individuals must demonstrate competencies through appropriate classroom engagement and by receiving a score or 80% or higher on the competency exam to gain their credentials.

Individuals must apply and be accepted into the program. A future working as a professional peer recovery support specialist is within reach. Get Started Today !

Learn  more about our Peer Support Employment Training and find the application at the links provided on this page.