CHEEERS Launches New Website

CHEEERS wishes to thank Diane DiCioccio who graciously shared her expertise, time and energy to develop our website through a Service by Design project and Experience Matters. 

For those who don’t know, Experience Matters is a wonderful resource that matches experienced, business professionals who are looking for opportunities to give back and share their expertise with local service and non-profit organizations. CHEEERS submitted a proposal for a project to re-design our website (okay, that’s not what we proposed, but it’s what we decided was needed after meeting with Diane).  We feel extremely grateful that Diane chose us as an organization to assist. Not only do we have a fantastic website to show off, we have thoroughly enjoyed the exchange, benefit of her vast knowledge in marketing, and the support and encouragement she has offered us, as the business savvy woman that she is. We even had the good fortune of having Carly, Diane’s equally talented and savvy daughter, join us for a summer internship on her break from Barnard College, Columbia University!  Please check out our website and while you are there, subscribe to this blog, and stay updated on what’s new at CHEEERS!