Our Summer Luau Party

Participants were all smiles at the Summer Luau party at the CHEEERS facility this past Friday. Everyone came out wearing their grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts, and colorful decorations covered the walls. The smell of summer luau barbecue wafted through the halls and music and laughter could be heard immediately upon walking through the door. Peer supervisors had a lottery, limbo, and dancing planned along with some pretty amazing prizes.

Though many were timid at first, participants had a great time testing their limits during a round of limbo, and almost everyone got a prize! As for the lottery, two participants carried away a movie popcorn bucket full of snacks and DVDs. Winners and other festively dressed guests took pictures in front of a lovely beach scene–almost forgetting that it was another 110 degree Arizona summer!

With lots of games, amazing prizes, yummy food, dancing, and laughing, the luau was a major success. Make sure to check out the Activities calendar to stay updated on all CHEEERS events!